Case study: Eyeshot Photography

Eyeshot_SiteThis past fall, thanks to a referral from past client Ann Parker (of Grit & Wit Design, which partnered with me on the new website for CaringWorks Inc.), I got connected with Eyeshot Photography, an outfit in Scottsdale, Arizona that takes a uniquely innovative approach to wedding photography.

As one of its partners, Tom Curtis, told me, they see the eyewear company Warby Parker as an inspiration. With that example in mind, they set about re-inventing the standard formula for this particular business in order to give people on tight budgets access to truly wonderful creative work to commemorate the biggest day of their lives.

The big idea: centralize the “thankless tasks” photographers have to tackle — invoicing, image editing, marketing, customer service — for a stable of hand-selected talent, and make all of the pricing upfront and haggle-free. Result? Everybody wins. Photographers get a steady flow of business while focusing on what they do best, clients get quality work for lower-than-usual prices, and the principals reap the benefits of a growing business that’s always in demand.

As the copywriter for Eyeshot’s new website, my challenge was to explain this unusual (but really cool) business model in a way that made it attractive to future customers.  Explain, sell, call to action.

And while we definitely exercised great care over every word that appeared on the site, ultimately the task was straightforward thanks to the client’s well-thought-out prior work defining a business model and a niche. I’m really proud of the result.