Defining your terms

Thanks to a techie friend who does this kind of work for a big company, I have gotten some timely tips and tricks for maximizing the value of this site. There has also been some entertainment value along the way.

One thing my friend had me do was create a Google Webmaster account, and along with that comes info from Google analytics, which tells me what search terms people had been using. Some of them are logical, like “Reid Davis” and “tastemaker” googleand in those cases, I’m hoping they found the ‘droids they were looking for.

Others have some logic to them. Take “one flight down Norah Jones.” I did a cover feature on Norah Jones for Paste Magazine, and that was hosted on the old version of this site. “Rogers and Cowan client list” also makes sense, because I one did a bio for the band EchoJet for Rogers and Cowan, a west-coast entertainment PR firm, which means they were listed among my clients. Even “nihilist chewing gum,” a head scratcher at first, made sense when I realized I’d written a magazine feature on Lebowski Fest, a celebration of the cult film that features, yes, some nihilists chewing gum.

The one I really can’t figure out, though? “Dirty undies band.” Um… help? Not sure what that query is all about, and I have no idea why that would have sent someone here. I’m not curious enough to type that into Google myself, though.

How about you? What off-the-wall search terms have sent people to your sites? And does that truly give you any insight?

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