Which shoes?

The last few days have found me surfing for WordPress themes. Right now the shortlist includes Roxy Bird, Proxima, and the Swiss Army knife of StudioPress.

Why am I blogging about this? Let’s just call it a case study. I’ve worked with a lot of clients to build sites, but have never been overly concerned with the look or the structure. I provide copy and some best practices for where to put it, and they do the rest. (Or a trusted partner does.)

(In fact, right now I’m about to begin work with a client using what I now realize is a Proxima variant.)

But the end result here is that the cobbler’s son is going to be getting some shoes just as nice what the cobbler’s customers wear. The only question is: which shoes?

So, for any of my creative friends reading this, I’m curious. How do you use WordPress? What themes do you like? What tricks should I know?

One thought on “Which shoes?”

  1. I use the Enfold theme from Themeforest. In all likelihood, I’m only using a fraction of the whiz-bang gizmos that would make it awesomer. But I’m pleased to have been able to put together a nice looking site relatively quickly.

    One thing I’ll confess to, though, is that I had a graphic designer friend do the logo and color palette for me. I’m not cool enough to do that.

    Another thing I’ll confess to is that if you come up with something really innovative, I’ll copy it.

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